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The Lasting Standard
Passions and Trust in Beauty.
Mr. Roger M. Christian
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Welcome to Dance 4 America OnLine Publication. Wanted are press releases on your dance events, performances, and personal profiles with photos of your principal dancers and choreographers .. see this site for details.


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The continuing standard for this OnLine publication is the promotion of the art form of dance.  This means in its fullness of diversity, and the need for those of " US " to perform; the object of which it is no one's else business except that of the performers alone and those who support US.
The OnLine publication standard is to seek excellence only within the sociocultural domain of InterCultural Communications.  Thus every press release properly email, along with at least one public domain photo, will be likewise supported and published within the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Dance Communications OnLine Network, which WWW dot Dance4America dot Com is it's premier Online publication.  No one will be refused as long the choreography is never hateful, nor in any manner what - so - ever seeks to demean another peoples or customs.
If asked " ONLY " a review of the performance will be conducted. News here - wtih - in this and any other Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Dance Communications OnLine Network are derieved from publically issued press releases and associated news which is current on the Internet, and in various physical hard copy dance magazines. 
The intent is to promote, and the only limitations are the mechanics of producing these sites.  Everything else is ti further promote the advocay of free and open expression.  Thus the theme of the title is understood as Dance 4 America.


Lettrers / Email

I recently came across your web-site and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The information found within it has been helpful to me, and I wish to return the favor. Rather frequently I search the internet for a wide variety of information, varying from football, personal training, and dance, to artwork, travel, and business. Your site appealed to me on many levels, and I would like to recommend to you a few links in which I think will benefit your viewers greatly.

The first link is of the Moscow Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker", they have a web-site at "" I have been to many of their shows and this site has provided me a great resource for following the company and helping me purchase tickets, and even try out for auditions.

The second link is " "; they are one of the top retailers of Cheerleading & Dance apparel, accessories, and information regarding contests and camps. My daughter is involved in cheerleading and we frequent this site for her every need, and that is not a joke!

Once again, thank you for your time and effort in setting up such an information site, I hope you like the links I have recommended. Thank you.


Lee R. Lispi

I will try to correct the later Sir, and thank you for this email / letter...RMC






Danseuses - 1878




A Small Art Exhibit of Dancers by Degas.

The Unknown Culture
By: Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian

She stepped into her dancing shoes, her long auburn hair sloped down over her shoulders, she bent over to insert the straps of her Capezios into the buckles. An air of nervous expectations and deep thought came over her as she stepped onto the brown dance stage in Silver Springs, Maryland.

She came to a place of focus to prepared herself for her upcoming performance, In the distance the needle of the stereo arm touched the LP rendition of Camelot, the soundtract, and the first measures of music filled the teather. The ten year old girl burst out with her inmpromptu choreography revealing her enthusiasm of a better life for someone with Down's Syndrome. The ghost of performers that had gone before awakened. The audiance looked on with amazement as they saw the vision she sought in her every move. Her personal dance interpretation caught the imaginations of those who witnessed this courageously determined little girl. The year was 1970.

I never forgot the standing ovations, nor the tears of the audience. I'll remember the stance of pride she took as she reacted to the unexpected wealth of acceptance and acclaim she achieved. A gentle smile on her face revealed her satisfaction of character and humility. And I saw for the first time the vision. At the time, I was a volunteer, teaching dance to area children with Down's.

Much later, as a Member of the Community Action Corps, State University of New York at Buffalo, I voluntered for Dance Incorporated of Erie County, New York. Here I saw the same vision and struggle for greater expectations by children under tweleve with Down's. Here and subsequent, I also made a dsicovery. There exists an unknown culture within the persona of this population.

What was significant about this discovery? It is that this population is aware of their conditon as being different and that any hint of public alienation far more impacts their psychological development when compared to their mainstream peers.

If their expectations are not met with personal success then their efforts to form an independent personality before the ages 12 to 14 is jeopardized. Additionally the impact of physical development of puberty during adolescence may turn upon them to form dangerous dependent personalities and self-destructive behaviors.

I discovered that when the child becomes a 'client', it creats a healthy liberation from the dynamics of traditional therapies. It is then that the client's physical expressions ( dance ) of their feelings can emerge. The initial recognition of the of the client's artistic 'value' gives proof of their individual importance. The more complex and abstract the dance is then the more cognitive coherence of the environment and creating further basis for improved cognitive learning skills.

The client's dance is very unique. when comparing these 'cultures' or populations an onlooker can percieve a distinct difference.
It can be likened to the following:

The present perception of dance performance
by mainstream society assumes a more
Rembrandt quality of interpolation to
music, while those with Down's assume a
Picasso interpolation.

The issues of discrimination associated with the words 'wrong behavior' and 'proper artistic responces' then dissipates within the public's perception towards the Down's population and you have liberation by artisitic performance. The action of dance performance then establishes the beginnings of personal liberation.

A brand new 'dance' is formed and along with it go economic benefits and leaderhship opportunities. Most importantly the aggressive cognitive behaviors that are achieved through internal development of an organized behavior personality creates opportunity for the Down's population to interact politically with mainstream
society. As a result society comes to equally interact with the population.

This was published in The Ithaca Child, Vol XIII, No 6, Spring 2003, and is a condense version of larger more technical article.




I hear the beat of a measure,
the lull of the silent violin,
background you know,
the hiss of lightly taped snare,
my frame starts to tense awaiting,
awaiting to hear the echos musical rushes,
and then, oh I can ' t wait,
but I must,
the dancers to my left,
and my right await,
the intro it comes,
a little more,
dance frame ready,
smiles shines radiant,
and then the beat has sounded.
Everything once tight now explodes in rythmic rushes,
and off  we dance, energies fully committed,
slewing the audience with our master's vision of dance.






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