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Yo !  ........ "da" matter !

The term hip hop (also spelled "hip-hop" or "hiphop") refers to both a musical (see hip hop music) and a cultural genre or movement (hip hop culture) that was developed predominantly by African Americans and Latinos (primarily of Puerto Rican ethnic heritage) in urban communities, starting in the 1970s.[1] Coinage of the term "Hip-Hop" is often credited to Keith Cowboy, a rapper in Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. Though LoveBug Starski, Keith Cowboy and DJ Hollywood used the term when the music was known as "Disco Rap,"


Hio Hop Press Services:



PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Announces Asylum As New Home For Lil' Flip

   Warner Bros. Records/Asylum are pleased to announce that platinum-selling recording artist Lil Flip, a.k.a. The Freestyle King, has penned a deal with the label and is set to release his forthcoming album, I Need Mine, this March.

    During the label transition, I Need Mine, was leaked to the public, because of this the CD will feature new songs for the Asylum/Warner Bros. Records release. "Flip is one of the most innovative rappers who has earned national respect and attention," says Chairman & CEO Tom Whalley. "We are excited that he has joined the Warner Bros. family."

    "We are excited to be a part of the Warner Bros. Records/Asylum organization. They both understand what we are trying to accomplish with Flips career and I believe they are the best companies to execute our goals. One look at Asylums success and overall embracement of the Houston hip hop culture and Warners relentless dedication to their artists illustrates their competency and expertise to continue what Lil Flip started," says Flips Manager and entertainment lawyer, Sandy Lal of King Pin Entertainment Group.

     The Houston born and bred rapper started his career in 2001 with the release of Leprechan, a CD that moved more than 100,000 units before Flip signed with a major label. He quickly caught the attention of Loud Records and went on to sell 500,000 copies of Leprechan, earning himself a gold plaque for his initial release. In 2002, Loud closed its doors and Flip was moved to its parent company, Columbia Records (known now as Sony Urban). On Columbia, Flip released the platinum-selling Underground Legend spawning the hip-hop hits "U See It", and "The Way We Ball". Flip took his success to the mainstream in 2004 with the release of his Top 5 charting platinum-plus CD, U Gotta Feel Me, that gave us the chart-topping summer smashes "Sunshine", and the Pac Man spin-off "Game Over".

    "We held out on releasing this album on Sony because the set up was never right and I felt that my fans deserved the best from me. I've written and recorded a bunch of songs that I'm sure my fans will love and now that I am with Warner Bros. Records/Asylum I am confident that I am in the right place to take my career to the next level," says Lil Flip. A teenage Flip was discovered by DJ Screw and was knighted the Freestyle King by Screw for his ability to drop rhymes quicker than most of his counterparts. Soon after that, Flip started his own label at the age of sixteen (16) with a partner and caught the attention of the nation. Staying true to his lessons with DJ Screw, Flip has released more than 10 mixtapes over the past five years selling tens of thousands of them each independently.  (Press Release)





Free Teen Web Service.


Using Hip Hop Dance in a New Way

Kelli J. Moore aims to help churches and youth organizations use dance as a tool to reach youth in their community through her new book, Ignite a Firestorm; Using Dance to Reach Youth in Your Community.
Port Saint Lucie, FL, June 23, 2007 --( OneSource Productions announces their latest Christian outreach tool, Ignite a Firestorm; Using Dance to Reach Youth in Your Community.

Kelli J. Moore has written this guide to starting and growing a successful dance outreach program called in conjunction with OneSource and Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Ignite a Firestorm is the guide to starting and growing a hip hop dance program that promises to revolutionize youth outreach efforts. It includes scriptural backup for using dance, the steps to getting started, the "top Ten Tips" for building and keeping momentum as well as valuable resources for choosing music and creating awesome choreography.

Kelli wrote Ignite a Firestorm in response to the many questions she fielded from other local organizations that saw her church’s hip hop dance team, FireDance, and wanted to know more about how they started this successful program. After searching for other resources, Kelli found that there were very few viable resources for using this particular style of dance in ministry, so she started developing her own resources including this book, instructional videos and workshops.

“Everyone responds to music and dance – it’s an international language that blows past economic, racial and cultural lines,” says Kelli. “Using the right tools to reach the kids and teens of today is critical, and we’ve found dance to be a great tool in our community.”

Link to website:

Kelli J. Moore has been involved in the FireDance program of New Life Christian Centre and Firehouse Youth Centre since its inception, serving as the Director for the past few years. She has seen first-hand the benefit of using contemporary dance and music in the spiritual battle over today’s teen. This is her first book.

About OneSource Productions
OneSource Productions is a company devoted to providing unique tools for Christian outreach efforts.

About Lulu
Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see for more information.


Media Contact: Kelli J. Moore,, 772-340-4182

Peek at MC Hammer's DanceJam, Dance Party 3D Launches

Though DanceJam, a Web 2.0 site with which MC Hammer is involved as an "advisor", still hasn't gone live you can get an early look via TechCrunch.

Actually I'm taking that on faith cause the video isn't working for me but KRON 4 covered the demo pit at TechCrunch 40 and Michael Arrington, who's an investor in DanceJam, says they got some footage.

Here's Don Dodge's description of a DanceJam demo:
DanceJam can best be described as YouTube mashed up with American Idol. Users can contribute their own dance videos to the site for others to see and vote on. The DanceJam people set up "Dance Offs" where they put two dance videos up against each other and have the user community vote for a winner. After several rounds of voting they declare a champion.

So the community contributes and rates content with recurring Dance Offs to add drama. 

Kaneva has launched Dance Party 3D which seems a bit more ambitious than DanceJam.

According to the press release:
Dance Party 3D, a free, casual the first virtual world-based, massive multi-player online (MMO) dance game where hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe can simultaneously bust out cool moves on the dance floor, compete and win dance battles, spin hot playlists, party at amazing clubs and even build their own rockin' 3D nightspot.

I haven't checked it out closely though I like the fact that not only does it offer dance activities but you can also design your own club and play dj.  It does say you can choose facial features and skin tone, so I assume it doesn't have to be a dance world of whiteness, but I think having a more multicultural look to the avatars in the opening graphics would be a smart marketing move.

Either of these projects could do well depending on implementation and luck.  We're in the midst of a serious dance boom so I think there's lots of room for unexpected growth with one or more of these dance-focused projects.

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MC Hammer Survives TechCrunch40, DanceJam Soon?

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Tabletop jukebox

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Graphic Included in Free Promo Download for Liberation

I'm wishing I'd written about the free download offer for Talib Kweli and Madlib's Liberation album when it was actually available but it's also good to look back at the promotion and some of the results.  Stones Throw Records offered the album for free download for the first week of January only at Rappcats.

Unlike Roosevelt Franklin's free giveaway of Bare Food, this one week release offered a zipped download of music and graphics as a promo with a possible cd to follow..



Baltimore, MD - April 11, 2007

Announcing Your 2007 Monsters of HipHop The Show Cast Members

After many days of deliberation scouring audition and class footage, the
Monsters of HipHop The Show 2007 cast was set.  At an undisclosed LA
location, several members of Monsters of HipHop’s celebrity faculty of
choreographers met to decide the fate of 14 ambitious and incredibly
talented dancers.

The fortunate fourteen were chosen out of almost 50 finalists from
Monsters’ 2006-2007 World Tour.  This year’s cast truly represents the
worldwide status that Monsters of HipHop has achieved.  With cast members
from 5 different countries between the ages of 15-24, Monsters has once
again assembled a uniquely diverse group of individuals with one common
thread, a love of hip hop & a passion for dance.

The Monsters Show has become one of the most anticipated dance events in
LA.  With numerous industry representatives in attendance The Show is an
incredible catalyst for dancers to start their professional dance career.
With almost 80% of the 2006 cast working professionally less than a year
later, a spot on this cast is a highly coveted position.
Meet the 2007 Monsters of HipHop Show Cast
Sean Bankhead (Kennesaw, GA)
Chase Benz (Franklin, TN)
Bobby Dacones (Mill Creek, WA)
Junji Dezaki (Osaka, Japan)
Allison Forslund (Chicago, IL)
Jennifer Fournier (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Kayla Gaskin (Burbank, CA)
Natasha Gorrie (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Andye Jamieson (Evanston, IL)
Nika Kljun (Slovenia)
Maribel Ochoa (Torreon, Mexico)
Jonathan Rabon (Sacramento, CA)
Rizqi Rachmat (Springfield, VA)
Chris Robinson (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Kandice Smith (Salt Lake City, UT)
Derek Thompson (Kenosha, WI)

Monsters of HipHop The Show Alternates
Martel Jackson (Urbana, IL)
Diana Vaden (Reno, NV)
Aimee Winston (Los Angeles, CA)

Many dancers followed the Monsters tour around the country, continuing to
audition and train for the opportunity to be selected as a finalist.  For
some, their dedication and investment paid off. All finalists receive a
VIP Tour Pass enabling them to attend unlimited workshops free for one
There have been a number of dancers who did not make it the first year as
a finalist but were selected the following year.  Sophia Aguiar, was a
two-year show finalist who performed in last year’s show only two days
before booking her first dance job, the MTV Video Music Awards Show with
Beyonce Knowles.  Nick Lanzisera (2006 Cast) also booked one of his first
jobs just a few weeks after the show, touring the country in Disney’s
“High School Musical”.

The 2007 Show will be held in North Hollywood at the famed El Portal
Theatre on August 17-18, 2007, for 3 shows only (Friday at 8pm, Saturday
at 3pm & 8pm).  Tickets can be bought by calling the authorized ticket
seller for Monsters of HipHop The Show,  BrownPaperTickets,  on their 24/7
Ticket Hotline at 1-800-838-3006 or online at

We recommend purchasing your tickets early as The Show does sell out in

In addition to The Show, Monsters of HipHop, in collaboration with Debbie
Reynolds Dance Studio, will be producing a One-Day Master Class Workshop
to be held on Sunday, August 19, 2007.   Special combo packages are
available for attendees who would like to see The Show & participate in
the Workshop.

The Story - Press Releases, Etc ....
On New Year’s Day of 2007, Blacksmith Music released, LiBERATION, the much-awaited collaborative album by Brooklyn-born lyricist Talib Kweli and LA’s beat conductor MadLib. The album was made free to download and provided over 100,000 downloads to eager ears during its week of availability. Now for those who want a tangible piece to add to their hip hop collection, Blacksmith Music is releasing LiBERATION to retail outlets on February 20th.
    Talk of LiBERATION began to circulate around the industry after Kweli posted a short but significant blog about it on his Myspace page back in September of 2006 along with the first release from the album, “Funny Money”. Since then, Kweli and Madlib fans flooded messageboards and blog pages, anxious for the impending release. With both halves known to have been members of some of the best collaborations in hip hop, the expectations for this project were, in effect, set far above the bar. When the 9-track project hit the web on January 1st, it was evident from the buzz and press reviews that these two masters of music delivered to everyone’s approval. The cohesion of  Kweli’s sharp, quick spitting lyrics and Madlib’s progressive beat production made for a much sought after product. Since then, Blacksmith has disabled the free download and is making LiBERATION available for purchase.
   On February 20th, fans will be able to purchase a copy of LiBERATION which features guest appearances from Consequence, Res, and Kweli’s LA labelmates Strong Arm Steady. The album will be available on CD and Vinyl wherever greater music is sold.
    Blacksmith Music, was founded by Talib Kweli and his manager Corey Smyth. Blacksmith’s first lady Jean Grae and the west coast team Strong Arm Steady were the first acts to sign to the label. Talib Kweli’s Ear Drum will be the first release on Blacksmith Music/Warner Bros Records in early 2007. (Press Release)


ROPEADOPE To Launch Digital Download Exclusive Label ROPEADOPE DIGITAL In 2007

Debuting In February With Seven Releases By: Aunt Jessica, DJ Klock, Electric City, The Frequency, Skip Heller, Larval & Reminder

Brooklyn, NY - ROPEADOPE, the trend-setting independent record label, clothing company, Internet destination and all around lifestyle-defining endeavor, will launch a digital download exclusive label imprint, Ropeadope Digital, in February 2007. It will make its debut with releases from seven artists, including Aunt Jessica, DJ Klock, Electric City, The Frequency, Skip Heller, Larval and Reminder, offering full length albums exclusively via download at and all other major digital music retailers. This will mark the beginning of an ongoing series of Ropeadope Digital releases throughout 2007 and, in the process, establish the way Ropeadope presents new music and artists in the future. In addition, all of Ropeadope Digital's artists will maintain ownership of their masters. Ropeadope will license only the digital rights for its releases. Royalties will be based on a complete profit share basis between the label and its artists.

“I haven't been this excited about anything in the music industry for years,” says Ropeadope founder Andy Hurwitz. “While we will continue to release records, we are completely shifting our priorities by making Ropeadope Digital our focus. We have over 25 digital releases lined up for next year.”

True to Ropeadope's rich history with artists like Christian McBride, Sex Mob, King Britt, Philadelphia Experiment, DJ Logic and Tin Hat, the releases on tap to launch Ropeadope Digital will represent a diverse spectrum of genre-bending sounds and styles, bridging together old school jazz, hip-hop, electronica, prog rock, soul and just about every other style imaginable, while running the gamut from well-established artists to debut releases by new names who are well on their way to becoming marquee artists. In the words of Ropeadope's Andy Hurwitz, the first installment of Ropeadope Digital releases are as follows:

Aunt Jessica: “File under: Electronica-what-what-Hip-Hop-Soul-R&B-Rock-and shit. The future of all music can be linked to the past and Aunt Jessica is well versed in all tenses. They met as students at Temple University in Philly where they brought every possible musical influence into their confluence. Writing silly descriptions about music like this really doesn't do anyone any good when trying to describe this band. Simply put, it's the brand new flavor in your ears. We were inspired to bring Aunt Jessica into the RAD dig mix simply by listening. You should too.”

DJ Klock: “File Under: Avant Turntablism, Experimental Hip-Hop, Brain twisting noise, squiggles and grooves. Klock emerges from the ferment of the Tokyo electronica scene. He'd collaborated with Japanese abstract hip-hop legend DJ Krush on the 12-inch/CD for Nike, “DJ Krush feat. DJ Klock / 2001 Cage Odyssey,” which became an underground classic. Here, he creates vignettes of sound ranging from looped snare drum patterns to digital squiggles and squeaks. Unexpectedly, fairy-tale melodies played on trumpet, xylophones and toy guitars can arise out of minimalist beats. Strange voices float alongside skeletal rhythms like previously unheard sounds from deep within the mind's imagination. The album makes clear the arrival of a new producer schooled in the art of Krush's brain-twisting beats, but possessing his own distinct sense of composition and sound. He's a Japanese turntable visionary.”

Electric City: “File Under: Philly underground hip-hop. Electric City brings it back to the basics, moving forward all the while. The duo consisting of DJ Skipmode's captivating turntablism and beat-making, paired with the energetic lyricism of Mighty FlipSide Esq., reintroduces the almost forgotten concept of MC/DJ/Listener interaction. Their live show is hailed as legendary (at least here in Philly) and the crew boasts the longest running monthly hip-hop event in Philadelphia to back up that sentiment. With the release of their first studio album, Everything, Everywhere, All the Time, Electric City maintains the integrity of their live performance, while paring intelligent lyricism and freestyle with innovative production; proving they are not just another ordinary hip-hop act, but true musicians.”

The Frequency: “File under: Ultra funky-organic-electronic-experimental music reminiscent of AIR, Pink Floyd and Herbie Hancock with an emphasis on live playing, feel and groove. The early roots of the group can be traced years back to a listening session of the Beatles' Abbey Road (Side B when after several beers and multiple listens, college band-mates Marc Cazorla and Alex Stiff felt inspired. Years later, the twosome are making noise on the LA scene (their music can already be heard on Concord Records' Bill Crosby and Quincy Jones: The New Mixes and the Concord release Explorations featuring artists like Thievery Corporation, Ozomatli and Mario C. They are poised to explode in 2007 with everyone and their mamma wanting a piece of The Frequency. Get yours now.”

Skip Heller: “File Under: Jazz guitar from the Left Coast. Time Out New York calls Skip: “an American guitar hero,” while All About Jazz calls him a “genius.” We just call him whenever we want fantabulous music. This album (Skip's 12th!) is influenced by British calypso, Stevie Wonder, Sergio Mendes, Hawaiian guitarists, Jeff Beck, The Band, Hurricane Katrina and his wife. Skip covers XTC, Ani DiFranco, Si Kahn (look it up!) and lays down some Skip Heller originals. It clearly proves Skip's place amongst not only the top jazz guitarists in this country, but also as one of the deepest thinkers, poets and artists out there right now. Get with Skip.”

Larval: - “File Under: Classical Rock. 'Bill Brovold's Larval represents one of the most accomplished sounds in music today, his complex compositions smash the border of rock and classical to create a truly original sound,' or so said Alternative Press. Larval is Bill Brovold and Bill Brovold is one of the most talented composers, musicians and sound experimenters that you've never heard of. Long before he and his band, Larval, were signed to John Zorn's record label or compared to King Crimson, Glen Branca and Godspeed You Black Emperor, Brovold was building his sound and sensibility, performing and recording with some of the most influential artists in modern music in the 1970s. An integral part of the New York No Wave scene, it's hard to believe you still haven't listened to him. Do it. Now.”

Reminder: “File Under: Chicago underground jazz/electronica/beat fusion with yummy vibrations. Reminder is the solo outing of Chicago scene staple Josh Abrams, whose bass playing has held the groove for many artists over the past ten years. A departure from the avant and jazz roots of his Town & County and Sticks & Stones projects, Abrams takes a cue from his residency as a member of Prefuse 73's backing band (if you've seen Prefuse live and felt your body vibrate, it was more than likely thanks to Josh's bass). Here, he ventures into beat constructions and sample-based compositions, yet his tracks possess a rich vocabulary that could only come from a schooled musician. Combining his upright and electric bass playing with MPC drums, synths, shakers, bells, chimes, mbira and xylophone, Abrams creates an organic palette to color his loose grooves. You'll find subtle influences from J-Dilla or DJ Premier, while the inspiration of Sun Ra and Steve Reich loom in the distance.”

With 25 new releases on Ropeadope Digital planned for 2007, Ropeadope is poised to maintain its street credibility as a key tastemaker always ahead of the curve in the music industry. Plans are already in the works for a Ropeadope Digital tour along with complete promotional campaigns for each artist in the series. Ropeadope does plan the release of two new albums through traditional retail outlets in 2007: The Harlem Experiment (part of the ongoing Ropeadope Experiment series) and Marco Benevento / Live At Tonic (part of the ongoing Live At Tonic series), however, the focus for the year will be to establish the new imprint, while continuing to grow its brand identity through the already existing Ropeadope music catalog, its various clothing lines and ever-expanding web presence.

Visit website


Hip Hop Chat and Slam :


James Brown: The founder of the Hip Hop social musical and dance cultures.

"" Hot "" Places to GO!

Wicked Fashions


Unknown to most, Hip Hop first saw it's debut'e through dance innovator and African American singer James Brown. Then he called his creation  " The Sex Machine ".  
What he devised was placing momentum of action through the knees to the hips, while changing weight at the same time.  Thus the discriptive of what was leter on called Hip Hop-the hip actually looked like it hop'ed. The style and direction of this hip hop session is very much like what you will see on MTV, and in musical videos. What you may not know is that of much the hip hop is being called now-a-days is actually from the disco era, and thus is disco dancing.
Dance Ithaca [WebSite]


Hip-hop scholars push for recognition

– In academic disciplines ranging from sociology to law, ethnomusicology to history, and education to African American studies, students at the University of California, Berkeley, are increasingly tapping into hip-hop culture for their research and field work.

It's a sign of the times. The three-decade-old, Bronx-born pop culture phenomenon, which encompasses rap, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti - influencing youth expression worldwide - is inspiring a growing body of scholarly discourse.

"Nothing else, currently, allows for you to talk about race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, politics and the economy than hip-hop music and culture," said Michael Barnes, a doctoral student in sociology, whose Ph.D. dissertation is titled "Can't Fake the Realness: Race, Place and the Construction of Authenticity in Hip-Hop DJ Culture ... continues....[ see this ]



Verticle Art...


Hip Hop

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Né à Washington aux Etats-Unis, l'artiste soul contemporain Ginuwine sort son
premier album Ginuwine...The Bachelor en 1996. On y retrouve le tube: Pony et
une reprise de Prince: When Doves Cry. Il revient trois ans plus tard avec
l'album 100 % Ginuwine et le hit So anxious. Il participe également aux albums
de Missy Elliott: Supa Dupa Fly et Miss E... So addictive. En 2001 paraît The
Life. Durant l'été 2002, Ginuwine enregistre un remix avec P.Diddy: I need a
girl, Part 2. Puis il sort The Senior en mars 2003. En 2005, Ginuwine livre le
disque Back II da basics.


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Hiphop Recording Artist, Belly And R&b Superstar Ginuwine Delivers Highly Anticipated & Cameo-filled Video Clip For Top 20 Debut Single,
Just in time for the holidays, Canadian Hiphop artist, BELLY delivers the music video for his Top 20 debut single ?PRESSURE? featuring R&B superstar & Grammy Award winner GINUWINE. The stylish clip features cameo appearances from Hulk Hogan (legendary wrestling phenom), and his daughter, singer Brooke Hogan (co-stars of the hit reality series Hogan Knows Best), Mad Linx (host of BET Rap City), and DJ Drama (Aphilliates Music Group). The ?Pressure? video clip is directed by RT and Toronto native, Little X. noted for his high-budget, visually distinctive videos for high-profile luminaries such as Usher, E-40, R-Kelly, Ne-Yo, Sean Paul, Fabolous, Mystikal, Nelly, and countless others.

Belly has three classic mixtapes under his belt: Death Before Dishonor: Vol.1 by Kool Kid; Vol.2 hosted by DJ Kay Slay; and Vol.3 hosted by DJ Big Mike. Together, they sold over 60,000 copies in North America. He wrote three top ten singles in Canada that went on to worldwide success: ?Be Easy,? ?Rush The Floor,? and ?Smile for Me.? In addition to his duties as a recording artist, Belly is currently the Head of A&R and Vice President of CP Records,. His LP entitled ?THE REVOLUTION? is set for international release on CP Records in early 2007. Belly recruited many of Hiphop and R&B?s finest to work alongside him in ?THE REVOLUTION? including Fabolous, the legendary Scarface, Nina Sky, Ginuwine, Mario Winans and his labelmates Massari and Monique, a.k.a the princess of CP Records.

And that?s not all folks?.Belly will be featured on Brooke Hogan?s forthcoming new single "Heaven Baby", a guaranteed hit to follow on the heels of her current HOT 100 single featuring Paul Wall, "About Us". Belly has also been confirmed to tour with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube for Canadian dates coast to coast beginning January 12th through January 31, 2007

Look out for Belly featured in a highly visible Amped Mobile campaign commercial on, as well as coast to coast video release parties with Belly appearing live in the United States, Belly will embark on a U.S. radio run across the whole country hitting up states such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, and more beginning February 2007. 
A promising superstar poised to rock the industry with his debut release, ?THE REVOLUTION?, Belly has taken a position to win in 2007. Losing is certainly not an option.
For more information on Belly visit  or
For press information contact: Angela Thomas (201)-503-1333
Contact Information:
Prana Marketing
Janie Gafford   201-503-1333


8935  Dancers, 158 Dance Organizations, 50 Dance Styles --- Join Us Now!

In May 2007 Dance Parade New York brought together over 4000 dancers and 13 floats down New York's Broadway and Fifth Avenue in the first-ever parade and festival to celebrate all forms of dance--everything from African to Zydeco, Belly to Break dance and Salsa to Swing. The first year success showed that Dance Parade can and should grow to be a positive force and energetic expression of our diverse dance communities

On Saturday May 17th 2008 we will once again join colorful floats, live bands and dj's to dance in the streets to Contra, Disco, Clogging, Ballroom, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Swing, Ballet, Japanese, Sufi, Samba and more - over 50 forms demonstrating that Dance is a vibrant, expressive form of art.

Our wonderful parade route starts at 32nd Street, heads down Broadway to Union Square, swings West to Fifth Avenue and triumphantly dances itself through Washington Square's memorial Arch. Inside the park we have a unique Dance Festival with many forms of performance and social dances on as many as four stages!

We are an all volunteer run Non-Profit Organization who seek to show that dance is an expressive and unifying form of art--Our aim is to educate the public on the wonderful health and cultural benefits of dance. In doing so, we aim to support and strengthen the role of dance in our culture

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