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Wanted Your Press Releases.

Dance 4 America is an InterCultural communications editorial content OnLine publicatioon which publishes the complete focus of the greater diversities which exist in the cultures of dance.
Dance 4 America Editor Mr. Roger M. Christian will recieve all in coming press releases with every attempt possible to published each press release sent in - via the email animated gif below when at least one photo is also submitted, and with the further understanding - that in " the action of sending the press release is an agreement that:"
One: It is considered as " now " public domain by said action of sending via the email below..
Two.  The dance company of such releases is responsiable for its accuracy and content. Mr. Christian will only edits due to space limitations when they occur, if at all, and then, in rare occasions, to enhance the look of each press release sent in.
Three.  That all published items both in their content, and intent are not hateful in any manner what so ever, or does not it in the future seek to demean any peoples.
Four.  That each press release must have an author which is connected to the dance company, group, or committee seeking publication of its events, or story bi - lines on this publication, and full name, address, email, or phone number of the organization being given this publicity opportunity.
Mr. Roger M. Christian
Editor / Dance 4 America
February 15, 2007


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